Report a Concern

Now you can help report non-emergency problems to the Village of Flossmoor from your smartphone, tablet or computer, thanks to our new partnership with TextMyGov. Report issues directly by texting (708) 249-3224. Place your reporting using keywords like:

  • Animal Control
  • Property Maintenance
  • Code Enforcement
  • Potholes
  • Graffiti/Vandalism
  • Snow Plowing/Removal
  • Tree Service
  • Building permits 

Once an issue or request is reported, TextMyGov uses smart texting technology and identifies specific keywords to provide information immediately 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You can easily report code violation, public works issues like potholes, sidewalk damage, drainage problems, tree trimming, flooding and more. Please provide detailed information regarding the issue, its location, specific address or street name, and more so that the issue can be routed to the appropriate department for resolution. TextMyGov will also send updates regarding the work progress and resolution of the issue.

You can also opt in to receive news from the Village including event details, holiday closures, community alerts, and more.

If your request does require the assistance of a Village staff member, we will respond to requests Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. If this report comes in on a holiday, weekend or after-hours, it will be read on the next business day.

Note: For emergencies or other urgent matters that require immediate attention or a police response, dial 9-1-1 or 708-957-4500 for non-emergency matters.

Citizen Engagement Tool: TextMyGov

Find information, report issues and connect with Flossmoor! It's simple and effective.

Try it today by texting "HI" to (708) 249-3224!


Visit our Citizen Portal to report an issue or to search existing requests.

The link above allows you to make service requests, as well as discover existing problems that have been reported, from your desktop computer.

To report an issue:

  1. Enter your name, email and phone number.
  2. Select the type of your request.
  3. Provide a detailed description of your request. 
  4. Enter the location of your request. Be as specific as possible.
  5. Attach a photo of the issue (i.e. pothole, downed tree limb, etc.)
  6. Click Submit.