Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance

The Village of Flossmoor has an interest in maintaining the public health, safety, and welfare of structures and premises within the village, as well as a clean suburban appearance for all residents. To that end, the Village has two part time property maintenance inspectors who work with the Flossmoor Community Service Officers to make sure residents know and follow community ordinances including any adopted Codes/Ordinances. The property maintenance code can be found on our website (Flossmoor Municipal Code Chapter 215)

 Below are some frequently asked questions about our ordinances.

Such containers shall not be placed for refuse pickup more than 24 hours before pickup and shall be removed within 24 hours after pickup. Garbage containers, when not out for pickup, shall be stored as reasonably concealed from view from the street as is practical (Flossmoor Municipal Code 215-6-7). If you require garbage to be out for a special pick up or times outside of what is allowed, please call our office to talk with the property maintenance inspector. It is also residents' responsibility to contact your scavenger service for specifics on brush collection, large items, and TVs.