Vacant Property Registration

The Village of Flossmoor strives to encourage a vibrant and safe community. Property maintenance is an essential element in achieving this goal, and being able to communicate effectively with all property owners is critical. This program allows the village to be able to contact those property owners that have property which is vacant or involved in a foreclosure to protect the public health, safety and welfare of residents as well as to protect the value of all property within the Village.

To that end, the Village of Flossmoor has partnered with Hera Property Registry, LLC to administer its Vacant & Foreclosed Property Registration Program.  In order to comply with the Foreclosure and Vacant Property Registration Ordinance , all Owners/Mortgagees/Trustees of vacant and foreclosed buildings are obligated to register online and pay a registration fee within ten (10) days of notification. (FMC 215-11-5)

Register a Property   

Should you have questions about the program or have issues registering, please contact Hera Property Registry directly at (321) 234-5303 or Hera long form logo-01[50][10][42] Opens in new window