Flossmoor Water Supply Project

  1. Why is the Village of Flossmoor moving to a new water supplier?

The Village of Flossmoor’s clean potable water supply is purchased from the Village of Homewood. Currently, Lake Michigan water that has been treated by the Chicago Department of Water Management at its Sawyer Water Purification Plant is sold to the City of Harvey and then to Homewood before being sold to the Village of Flossmoor. 

Homewood is switching its water supplier from the City of Harvey to the City of Chicago Heights, which will, in turn, change the water supplier for the Village of Flossmoor.

  1. Where will the supplier, Chicago Heights, get its water?
  1. Will the supplier change impact the water quality?
  1. What is the change in treatment method?
  1. How will these aesthetic variations be remedied?
  1. When will the supplier change happen?
  1. How will this impact water rates?
  1. What other municipalities get their water from Hammond, IN?
  1. How will the Village maintain high-quality water during and after the transition?
  1. Where can I view the Village's water quality report?