Water & Sewer Service

Starting Water & Sewer Service

Application for an account for water and/or sewer shall only be made by the owner of the home. Water service must be established within 30 days of taking ownership. Homeowner water applicants must pay a nonrefundable application fee of $30. The Water/Sewer application must be completed, signed and returned in person at Village Hall between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays or via email to cmelendez@flossmoor.org.

Download a copy of the water application.

Please note: Only when the premises are the subject matter of a foreclosure proceeding, the application may be made by a representative of the foreclosing party if the representative accepts personal liability for all water/sewer charges and provides documentation of his authority to act. A deposit will be required at time of application process. Read more about utilities and rates.

Required Documents to Establish Service

Applicant must have a photo identification and 1 or more of the following documents:

  • Fully executed closing statement
  • Recorded copy of warranty deed
  • Executed judicial deed or entered stamped court order (with such other documents as may be necessary to show ownership/agency).

Electronic Water & Sewer Service Payments (ePay)

In an effort to offer the most innovative payment options to the residents of Flossmoor, we hope that you will find this service to pay your water and sewer bill convenient and easy to use. Pay your water and sewer service online.

Please note: All credit cards will include a service fee of $5.45 (price effective 9/5/23). The fee is not charged or collected by the Village of Flossmoor. To pay by phone through our automated system, please call 855-945-3659.

Issues with your electronic water & sewer service payment? Reach Invoice Cloud customer support at 866-342-9267.

Water Bill Collection Process

Account Number Begins With "01"

  • Bill is mailed January 25: Billed for October, November, and December water usage
  • Bill is mailed April 25: Billed for January, February, and March water usage
  • Bill is mailed July 25: Billed for April, May, and June water usage
  • Bill is mailed October 25: Billed for July, August, and September water usage

Account Number Begins With "02"

  • Bill is mailed February 25: Billed for November, December, and January water usage
  • Bill is mailed May 25: Billed for February, March, and April water usage
  • Bill is mailed August 25: Bill for May, June, and July water usage
  • Bill is mailed November 25: Billed for August, September, and October water usage

Account Number Begins With "03"

  • Bill is mailed March 25: Billed for December, January, and February water usage
  • Bill is mailed June 25: Billed for March, April, and May water usage
  • Bill is mailed September 25: Billed for June, July, and August water usage
  • Bill is mailed December 25: Billed for September, October, and November