Emergency Response Activities

Fire Department Responses

Flossmoor is a unique community with a diverse housing stock (our codes don't allow any to homes to look alike). We have many large homes of significant square footage, open floor designs, and even one home with an elevator inside. Our housing stock is well built, and despite our building codes and fire prevention education programs, sometimes tragedies do occur. As such the Flossmoor Fire Department trains and prepares to respond to all types of events including residential and commercial building fires, car accidents, carbon monoxide and smoke detector activations, and specialized rescue (Trench, Confined Space, Vertical Rescue, or Structural Collapse) incidents. A breakdown of emergency responses is as follows:

Summary of Responses per Year by Category

Fire - NFIRS Series 100577554100107
Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (No Fire) - NFIRS Series 20001121
Rescue & Emergency Medical Service Incident - NFIRS Series 30011111020959859766
Hazardous Condition (No Fire) - NFIRS Series 4004238456869
Service Call - NFIRS Series 5005055436946
Good Intent Call - NFIRS Series 6007584110106116
False Alarm & False Call- NFIRS Series 700149209217242203
Severe Weather & Natural Disaster - NFIRS Series 80041022
Special Incident Type - NFIRS Series 90010140

Fire Responses

Fire Response Type20172016201520142013
Of the NFIRS Series 100 calls, how many are "Structure Fires" (NFIRS Codes 111-120)5160418783
Of the NFIRS Series 100 calls, how many are "Vehicle Fires" (NFIRS Codes 130-138)16511
Of the NFIRS 100 calls, how many are "Vegetation Fires"54787

Rescue & EMS Incidents

Rescue and EMS Incident Type20172016201520142013
Of the NFIRS 300 calls, how many are "Motor Vehicle Accidents" (NFIRS Codes 322, 324)11189907580
Of the NFIRS 300 calls, how many are "Extrications from Vehicles" (NFIRS Code 352)17021
Of the NFIRS Series 300 calls, how many are "Rescues" (NFIRS Codes 300, 351, 353-381)22741312
How many EMS-BLS Response Calls735624559490455
How many EMS-ALS Response Calls386396406366312

Mutual & Automatic Aid

Mutual and Automatic Aid Responses20172016201520142013
How many times did Flossmoor receive Mutual Aid?2726191721
How many times did Flossmoor receive Automatic Aid?915192019
How many times did Flossmoor provide Mutual Aid?13711376108109
How many times did Flossmoor provide Automatic Aid?100169153184165
Of the Automatic and Mutual Aid responses, how many were structure fires?3851317068