GREEN Resources

Solarize Chicagoland Program Ready to go solar? This program makes solar more affordable and easier to attain for Chicagoland residents through community education and volume purchasing, which can significantly reduce the up-front costs of installing solar on your home. Last year, 69 Cook County residents installed a total of about 422 kilowatts of solar through the program.

H-F Area Green Committee Website The Chicago Southland Green Committee is in intergovernmental effort to promote environmentally-conscious activities among residents, businesses, and participating governmental agencies in the Southland area through events, advocacy and public outreach.

BAG HABIT Campaign (PDF) Take the 'bag pledge' and make a commitment to start a bag habit! Bringing a reusable bag, declining bags, and identifying the appropriate recycling make an impact on reducing waste in our community. 

NO IDLING Campaign (PDF) An idling vehicle generated 20 times more pollution than a care traveling 30 miles an hour! Learn the basics to stop idling, save gas and reduce pollution.

Green Cleaning Product Recipes (PDF) Green up your cleaning without adding harmful, dangerous chemicals. Our green recipes give you the tools to use products around the house to create a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Looking to conserve water in these wet times? The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District sells recycled barrels for capturing rainwater. These rain barrels reduce water consumption and capture water from running off into storm sewers.

Residential Paper Shred Service Keep personal information safe and leverage a residential shredding service to turn printed personal information into illegible confetti. Weekly shred service in Mokena is available. 

HF Parks Adopt-a-Flowerbed Adopt-a-Flowerbed is an effort to encourage public involvement in ongoing community beautification. Volunteers/sponsors can plant, weed and care for park flowerbeds.

Flossmoor Seed Library (PDF) The practice of seed saving and sharing goes back thousands of years and is essential for a healthy and sustainable food future. The mission of the Flossmoor Seed Library is to preserve food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing and sharing heirloom seeds and plants that are adapted to thrive in the soil and climate of our region.

Forest Preserves of Cook County The Forest Preserves of Cook County, with nearly 70,000 acres, is one of the oldest and largest forest preserve districts in the United States. It receives an estimated 62 million visits each year, providing an escape into a world teeming with wildlife and rich with outdoor recreation and environmental education opportunities. Within its boundaries are rare habitats that offer plant and animal diversity on par with the rainforests of the world. The Vollmer Road Grove is an example of such a preserve and is located on the west side of Flossmoor.