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Barrels of Hope - Artist Submission Form

  1. Barrels of Hope Submission Guidelines
    Participants will be provided with an aged oak barrel to be painted, sculpted or decorated. Designs should be consistent with the theme hope and inspiration or the Village of Flossmoor’s theme, “Welcoming. Beautiful. Connected.” Guidelines and suggested materials are noted on the website. FEE: Barrels will be provided at a cost of $25, which includes the cost of sealing the completed barrels with a clear gloss lacquer after they’re completed for added protection. Fee for approved designs will be collected at barrel pick up. Barrels are the property of the Village of Flossmoor and remain so until the barrel is delivered to the winner of the auction ending September 11, 2021. Art shall not depict things that are violent, offensive, profane or discriminatory; or feature images or text promoting a private business or citizen. The use of dangerous or unhealthy materials is prohibited (i.e. broken glass, rusty nails, rotting food, etc.). The Flossmoor Public Art Commission reserves the right to refuse any designs deemed inappropriate for any reason. If you have a question, please contact
  2. Image & Description
    Submit a description. Submission of a sketch or preliminary design is optional. The barrel designs can be inspired by anything suitable for general audiences, but should express the theme of the exhibition: Hope & Inspiration. IMAGES of original, existing artwork in any medium (2-D, 3-D, new media, installation, etc.), OR new designs made specifically for the Barrels of Hope project, will be accepted.
  3. Agreement
    By submitting an image and entry form to this project, the Village of Flossmoor is being given reproduction rights of the image by the participant; the participant is responsible for submitting only images of original artwork done by themselves, and not under any copyright or other restrictions. The participant retains the original artwork and their own copyrights to reproduce the image as they wish. Should the participant be unable to complete the art as designed, the participant agrees to return the barrel to the Village of Flossmoor. The participant may not transfer the barrel to anyone else. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The participant understands that submission of this entry form does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition. Participation in the exhibition entry process constitutes an understanding and acceptance of the conditions set forth above. For questions about the exhibition, please contact the Village of Flossmoor by phone at (708) 798-2300 or via email at
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