Flossmoor Road Viaduct Drainage Improvements

The Village continues to experience street and building flooding problems at the Flossmoor Road viaduct under the Metra/CN railroads.  The viaduct floods, causing road closures and flooding of adjacent building structures.  This viaduct is the main access point between the west and east sides of the Village.  When the viaduct is closed, motorists and emergency response vehicles cannot travel to the east side of the Village.

In 2020, the Village contracted with Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers to expand on previous studies and develop a solution to this decades old flooding problem.  The first phase of the recommended improvements was the Berry Lane Drainage Improvements Project, that was substantially completed in the Fall of 2022. 

The second phase of improvements is currently in the planning stages.  More information can be found by reading the attached Flossmoor Road Metra/CN Viaduct Flood Control Project document.