United States Army Veteran Eugene Jones

Eugene and Ora JonesMilitary Branch: United States Army

Units Served: First Infantry Division Vietnam War

Role in the Unit: Infantry

Years of Military Service: 2

Highest Military Ranking: Corporal

Honors Received: Purple Heart

Overseas Service: Vietnam

What motivated you to join the military? I was drafted by the United States Government

What is an achievement that you are most proud of in your military service? Survival is most certainly an achievement from my time in the military. I’m also proud that I learned to have a tolerance and understanding for other people’s cultures from serving in the military.

Which medals and/or citations are you most honored to have received, and why? I feel most honored to have received a Purple Heart.

How did you stay connected to home and to loved ones while deployed? I stayed connected to family at home by mailing letters. 

How did/does your military experience impact your life today? My military experience impacts my life today by giving me a sense of discipline. I live my life very consistently by walking every day for health and exercise. My military experience also helps me to get along with different types of people.

What was it like on your last day of service? My last day of service was a great feeling even though I was injured. I felt proud to have served my country.

Following your service, did you pursue secondary education or enter the workforce? After the service, I went to school and entered the workforce. If was in school that I met my wife Ora (pictured above with Mr. Jones). We’ve been married for 49 years.

Did you, and how do you, stay in touch with people you served with? While I don’t keep in touch with people I served in the military with, I do have new connections I’ve made with Veterans from the VFW.

What would you like people to know about your military experience? Serving my country was a wonderful experience. At the time I was serving I was only 18-years-old and I don’t know if at that young age you can fully appreciate the experience.

What questions do you wish people would ask you? I don’t have any specific questions I wish people would ask, but I will say that I appreciate it when people approach me to thank me for my service when they notice my Veteran’s cap.