Tony and Chogie Fields – The Artist and Designer

A Q&A with Flossmoor business owners and artistic creators, Tony and Chogie Fields. As owners of Conservatory Vintage and Vinyl, Chogie and Tony have dedicated their lives to introducing Flossmoor to mid-century modern furniture and nearly mind vinyl records and music.

Tony and Chogie Fields – The Artist and Designer

Define your art and tell us what inspires you as an artist?

Cofounders & Owners, Tony and Chogie Fields are the husband and wife team behind Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl. Tony (Tone B. Nimble) is a 30+ year award-winning, rare record collector, record label owner and international DJ, published globally and signed to J.A.W. Family. Chogie is a 25+ year, award-winning Ad Exec., with a background in Home/Lifestyle content publishing and 10+ years in Fashion/Retail. 

New cultural experiences, travel to hidden gems, grabbing a bite at a local dive and spending time with other leaders in our field is what inspires us. 

At Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl our mission is to create an inspiring customer experience. Our vision is to make an impact in the growing vintage and mid-century modern home décor retail category and foster the love of preserving rare, quality vinyl records. A unique destination for vinyl and home décor collectors/enthusiasts.

How long have you been in Flossmoor?

Our retail location has been open for 7+ months in downtown Flossmoor. Our family has collectively lived in Flossmoor for 36 years. 

How do you share your art?

Across various music and social platforms, online, live concerts, events, and at our retail location in downtown Flossmoor.

As an artist, what is your proudest contribution to the culture of black history?

Owning a retail location that sells rare finds – across music and design - that have shaped our lives plus moments in time and history. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share each piece of history in our shop with every person that enters our space.. 

What has history taught you that could help someone else who is interested in pursuing the arts?

Acknowledge individuals in your field that have come before you while inspiring new comers.

As it relates to Black History Month, what is your favorite quote, moment or memory?

There are so many that come to mind but we believe all history should be recognized daily. We can’t grow forward until we understand where we’ve come from.