Phillip Lee - The Video Producer

A Q&A with Flossmoor resident and Spin Artist producer, director and videographer Phillip Lee. Phil was nominated by a local resident for our Black History Month artist feature.

Phil Lee – The Video Producer

Define your art and tell us what inspires you as an artist?

I am a Director/Editor who primarily works with add agencies to create commercial content for companies to increase their brand presence.

What inspires me as an artist is helping clients connect to their consumers.

How long have you been in Flossmoor?

Since 2012

How do you share your art?

Through video production via broadcast & social media.

As an artist, what is your proudest contribution to the culture of black history?

I love creating videos highlighting African Americans success stories so young up and coming kids can realize their potential to achieve greatness.

What has history taught you that could help someone else who is interested in pursuing the arts?

Whatever it is, follow your passion.

As it relates to your art, what is your favorite quote or saying?

Take a chance on yourself. You are 100% guaranteed to fail if you don’t try.

As it relates to Black History Month, what is your favorite quote, moment or memory?

My favorite moment is when agencies reach out to me for Black History Month projects. Instead of creating commercial content for companies to increase their brand presence, I get to create content that highlights great African Americans.