Pat McCraven, Flossmoor Hills School Principal

In celebration of Black History Month, we're featuring local African-American community leaders who make a difference every day. Today, we celebrate the contributions of Flossmoor Hills School principal Pat McCraven, pictured here (on the right) with assistant principal Haley Marti and a Flossmoor Hills student.

Ms. McCraven has dedicated her entire career to Flossmoor School District 161, with her most recent five as principal of Flossmoor Hills. She will retire at the end of this school year.

A defining moment in her life was as a student at Lindblom Technical High School when her honors algebra teacher reminded her never to assume that someone else would do better, just because they had the benefit of something that she hadn't.

That lesson carries on in her work today, as she influences the lives of hundreds of students and their families. In her words, "Always believe in yourself, work hard, stay focused and you will achieve your dreams."

Thank you, Ms. McCraven, for your commitment to our community. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!