Electric Aggregation Program



The current ComEd rate was recently reset BELOW our aggregation program rate. The current ComEd rate is 7.29 center per kilowatt hour. The Village's current program rate is 7.538 cents. Residents can return to the lower ComEd rate at any time with no early termination fee. To do so, call Dynegy Energy at 844-351-7691. Be sure to have your ComEd account number available when you call. This will save the typical residential customer $2 per month.

This does not affect the provision of your electrical service in any way; your electricity is delivered by ComEd and you will always be billed by ComEd.


When the Village renewed its aggregation program in the summer of 2018, ComEd had published its annual residential rate of 7.76¢ per kilowatt hour. The Village received numerous bids to renew its program and selected the lowest rate of 7.538¢ per kwh from Dynegy. Months later, due to a settlement with the Illinois Commerce Commission, ComEd unexpectedly adjusted its rate downward to 7.29¢. This rate will be in place through May 2019.

How do I know if this affects me?

You can determine whether you are part of the Village's aggregation program by looking at your ComEd bill. If you see Dynegy Energy under the supply side of your bill, you can save $2 per month by calling Dynegy to return to ComEd. 

Why did ComEd reset its rate?

ComEd is part of a multi-state group of electrical utilities and all customers are charged a flat rate that covers the cost of transporting power. Regulators determined that ComEd customers were paying more than their fair share for this cost, thereby subsidizing customers on the East Coast. ComEd's new lower rate is a way of reimbursing customers for past overpayment. 

Will the Village's rate be adjusted downward?

No. The Village negotiates fixed rates for the duration of its contracts and asks its suppliers to bear the risk of regulatory changes during its contract. As such, the Village rate will not change. The Village is also not able to transfer all residents back to ComEd. 

Will the Village have an aggregation program in the future? 

It is unlikely that the Village will have an aggregation program in the future. In the past, ComEd was locked into higher priced contracts for the purchase of power; alternative suppliers could be more competitive while ComEd was locked into those contracts. Now, ComEd has more competitive rates that are likely to be as low, if not lower, than alternative suppliers

To report an electrical outage, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, call ComEd at 800-334-7661.


To file a complaint against dishonest retail electricity supplier solicitations, contact the Illinois Commerce Commission's (ICC) Consumer Services Division complaint line at 800-524-0795.

Customers may also file a complaint online.