Community Programs

House Watch Program

The Flossmoor Police Department House Watch Program allows residents who are leaving town on business or vacation to notify the Police Department and request additional patrols. Officers will periodically conduct security checks of the residence, which includes ensuring all exterior doors are locked, and there has been no apparent damage or entry into the home.

Although this is not a guarantee that your home will not be damaged or burglarized, it gives you some added protection. We encourage you to make arrangements with a family member, friend, or neighbor to also check on your home. Patrol Officers are not responsible for picking up the mail, newspapers, or deliveries.

This program is not only specific to residents who are going out of town but is also used by victims of crimes. There are times in which additional patrol security is needed after a resident has been a victim of crime or has the potential to become a victim.

Complete and return the House Watch Application Form to the Flossmoor Police Department.

Electronic Community Oriented Policing (eCOP)

eCOP is an email based information system that allows the Police Department to share information with the citizens of the Village. Residents who subscribe will receive information relative to crime and public safety issues. The system can also be used by Village residents to make inquiries and provide information to the Police Department while remaining anonymous if they choose. Subscribe to eCOP today!

Safety Seat Fitting Stations

The Flossmoor Police Department provides child safety seat inspections by certified child safety seat technicians. Flossmoor residents may schedule a visit to the police station to ensure that your child is in the appropriate child safety seat and that it is installed properly in your vehicle. To schedule a child safety seat inspection call 708-957-4500, option #2.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) is a cooperative program between schools, parents, and law enforcement. DARE recognizes the intense pressures facing today's youth. This program focuses on building skills to increase resistance to these pressures. DARE officers are specially trained to educate children and are knowledgeable about the issues of peer pressure, drugs, and violence.

The DARE program opens the lines of communication and promotes positive relationships between parents, schools, and law enforcement. It gives youth the opportunity to see police officers in a helping role rather than an enforcement role.