Fire Prevention Inspection Program

The main goal and objective of any fire prevention inspection program is to provide a community free from fire. Our program is no exception. The inspection schedule is set to provide an inspection of every commercial property in the Village and Fire Protection District twice a year. During these inspections, items such as construction, occupancy, built-in and portable fire protection equipment, and public protection items such as fire hydrant location are all reviewed. Any built-in fire suppression and detection systems are tested during these inspections.

School Inspections

All schools in our jurisdiction are scheduled for inspection three times a year. The 2 school inspections also satisfy the requirements of the Superintendent of Public Education who requires that each school complete a housekeeping inspection in cooperation with the local fire department. The 3rd school inspection is conducted during the summer months prior to the beginning of the new school year. During this inspection, all of the fire protection equipment in each school is tested in order to insure that it will operate during the coming school year.

Fire Prevention Permits

Certain activities are required to obtain Fire Prevention Permits in order for these activities to take place. It is the responsibility of the Bureau to issue these permits. The Flossmoor Fire Department has 1 part-time fire inspector who maintains inspection schedules and ensures that each business in town is inspected on a biannual basis.