Fire Prevention Inspection Program

The main goal and objective of any fire prevention inspection program is to provide a community free from fire. Our program is no exception. The inspection schedule is set to provide an inspection of every commercial property and multi-unit residential building in the Village and Fire Protection District twice a year. During these inspections, items such as construction, occupancy, built-in and portable fire protection equipment, and public protection items such as fire hydrant location are all reviewed. Click here for the department's Fire Inspection Guide.

School Inspections

South Cook ISC inspects all public school building and school-related buildings on an annual basis to assure compliance with standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of public school students in Illinois. South Cook ISC is also responsible for statutory compliance with established standards in the construction, remodeling and demolition of public school buildings within the South Cook territory. 

The Flossmoor Fire Department provides assistance and opinions during the South Cook ISC inspections.  Additionally, we participate in fire drills, fire safety education, and other training in cooperation with each school.

Fire Prevention Inspections

The Flossmoor Fire Department's goal is to inspect every business and multi-family building on a biannual basis.  These inspections are centered around NFPA's Life Safety 101.