Report a Concern

Now you can help report non-emergency problems to the Village of Flossmoor from your smartphone, tablet or computer, thanks to our new partnership with SeeClickFix. Use the app to report issues such as:

  • Animal Control
  • Property Maintenance
  • Code Enforcement
  • Pothole
  • Graffiti/Vandalism
  • Snow Plowing/Removal
  • Tree Service

You have the option to upload a photo with your request, as a visual reference to help communicate to staff the issue. The request is routed to the appropriate department for resolution.

Flossmoor village staff responds to requests Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. If this report comes in on a holiday, weekend or after-hours, it will be read on the next business day. If you would like to report an issue with your smart phone, please download our Flossmoor Connectmobile app.

Note: For emergencies or other urgent matters that require immediate attention or a police response, dial 9-1-1 or 708-957-4500 for non-emergency matters.

The widget above allows you to make service requests, as well as discover existing problems that have been reported, from your desktop computer.

To report an issue:

  1. Type the address above in the map.
  2. You will then select the new request button.
  3. Confirm your location.
  4. Choose a service request Category from the drop-down menu that matches your issue.
  5. Enter a Title (required), additional Description (optional), and attach an Image (optional).
  6. Click Submit.


If you have a smartphone, and would like to report an issue, please download our app. Flossmoor Connect/ SeeClickFix is available for download as on app on the following platforms:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google play
Download from Windows Store
Get it at BlackBerry World