Truck Parking Advisory Referendum

On November 6, 2018, the Village of Flossmoor will entertain an advisory referendum on a long-standing ordinance restricting pick-up truck parking on residential driveways. 

The question that will be presented on the ballot is as follows:

“Should the Village of Flossmoor consider permitting a Class B truck or van (8,000 pounds or less) or a vehicle with specialty plates of a similar size as a Class B vehicle to park on a residential driveway so long as the vehicle is not used for commercial purposes?”

Please review the quick facts below.

What is the current ordinance?

The existing ordinance, 23-101.2.6 (b), currently states that:

Personal use trucks bearing an A or B State license plate as verified by affidavit at the time of vehicle sticker application may only be parked within an enclosed garage, except for the immediate loading or unloading of such truck. Only those trucks satisfying the following limitations may park pursuant to this subsection:

(1) the gross vehicle weight does not exceed 8,000 pounds; and

(2) the vehicle height does not exceed seven (7) feet; and

(3) the vehicle is not dual wheeled on its rear axle; and

(4) the vehicle is not a rack or staked bed type.

What would the new ordinance look like?

Draft Zoning Ordinance Language - the following section will replace 23-101.2.6 (b)

No vehicle having a gross weight of eight thousand one (8,001) pounds or more shall be parked on any driveway or open area of any lot in any residential district except for a period no longer than necessary for the expeditious loading or unloading of such vehicle.

Personal use passenger vehicles shall be considered automobiles, pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUV), or vans which size and design are intended to accommodate and transport human passengers on paved roads. Personal use passenger vehicles designed for carrying of not more than 10 passengers may be parked outside of a residence if all of the following conditions are met.

There are no items in the bed of the vehicle unless covered by a fitted factory or after-market installed cover.

The vehicle has no commercial markings or advertising, regardless if it is permanent or temporary, and no commercial equipment or appendage is attached to the exterior of the vehicle, including but not limited to snow plows and auxiliary lighting. Trailer hitches, bike racks, bull bars, grill guards and manufacturer installed rooftop racks are not considered modifications.

The vehicle has no more than four wheels.

The vehicle height does not exceed eight (8) feet.

The vehicle width does not exceed eight (8) feet.

The vehicle does not have any part of the exhaust system installed above the frame of the vehicle.

What happens following the referendum?

Following the referendum, the Village Board will consider the results and may direct the Plan Commission to consider the change to the Village’s zoning ordinance as outlined above. The Plan Commission process includes a public hearing and formal vote on the recommended change. If the planning commission approves the ordinance amendment, it will come before the Village Board of Trustees for additional discussion and a final vote.

While an advisory referendum is a useful tool in surveying public opinion and recognizing resident input, it is not an official, binding decision. Only if the Village Board of Trustees votes to alter ordinance (b), as identified in the proposed changes above, will the zoning ordinance be changed.