Water Main Improvement Program

Water Mains Policy

As a matter of policy the Village of Flossmoor will be responsible for correction of all breaks in Village owned water mains.

Improvement Program

The Water Main Improvement Program was developed to help fix a 90 year old water system. Over the last 8 years, the Village has made several improvements to its water system including replacement of customers' water meters, a large meter testing and replacement program, automating the pumping of the water system, and adding water main on the west end of town to improve pressure and fire flow. The next step is to replace old, deteriorated mains.

Old Mains

The mains installed post World War II are not high quality mains, and have aged to a point of being prone to breaks and leaks. This project has been developed to replace the worst water mains in the Village system based upon frequency of water main breaks, fire flow improvements, condition of water main, age of main, and backyard easement locations.


The goals of this program include reducing water loss due to leaks, increasing water flow to fight fires and improving our ability to access and service water mains.

The project will replace about 6 miles of our 61 miles of main throughout the Village over 8 years. View map of project locations (PDF).

Project Cost

The project will cost $7.28 million, and will take 8 years to complete.

Other facts you should know:

  • The average gallons lost on a water main break can range from 200,000 to 750,000. The Village experiences about 25 breaks a year costing $100,000 annually.
  • The Village will not run out of water. The Village only pumps what is needed to meet customer demand. Due in large part to leaks and breaks, the Village is losing more than 1 in every 3 gallons purchased. A goal of this project is to improve the water loss ratio to 1 gallon in every 5 gallons purchased. Based upon last year's consumption, achieving this goal would result in the purchase of about 97 million gallons less water, which represents approximately $322,000 in water supply cost savings.
  • The Village water is safe and is meeting, and in many cases exceeding, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulatory standards.
  • The Village has very little debt, and there is no existing debt for the water system infrastructure.
  • After this 8 year project, additional but less critical water main replacement will need to be done. We will continue to pursue grants and other funding sources to address these needs.

2015 Project Update

Water Main Replacement Program Phase 2A Project - Construction

Project Budget: $1,302,685 (2014 Water Main Improvement Fund) - The project includes water main and service replacement on Hutchison Road, Collett Lane, the Heather Hill North Neighborhood, and the block surrounded by Carroll Parkway, Evans Road, Travers Lane, and Flossmoor Road.

Water Main Replacement Program Phase 2B Project - Engineering

Project Budget: $90,000 (2014 Water Main Improvement Fund) - Coordinate design engineering for the fourth phase of the project which includes water main on Marston Lane, Cummings Lane, and Travers Lane.